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GAP Merchant Recycling reduces your company's carbon footprint by providing recycling solutions and waste management systems that not only helps save the environment, but also generates a profit for our clients. In essence – we'll buy your recyclable materials and provide you with the tools you need to gain even more on your returns.

We specialise in the trade of recyclable and reusable materials, and because we believe saving the environment is a big deal, we trade BIG. That is why we deal in bulk form only and require large amounts of recyclable and reusable material. This enables an economic recovery process which in turn adds more value for our clients.

Become a part of this rewarding venture and be proud of your company's status of being environmentally responsible.

We trade in paper

We take the paper weight off your shoulders
Waste paper is not for folding jets – we will gladly take on your load of recyclable waste paper so that you can focus on things that are more important to you.

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We trade in plastic

Too much plastic on your porch?
We want plastic, plastic and more plastic! GAP Merchant Recycling will buy all recyclable plastic material and make sure it gets transformed into useful new products.

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We trade in metal

Give us some heavy metal!
We will buy your company’s recyclable metal waste and ensure it doesn’t end up in unsightly landfills or cause damage to the environment.

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