About Us

About Us

We all want to reduce our carbon footprint – we’ll show you how and help you do it right.

As a company that specializes in the trade of recyclable and reusable materials, we have a fresh outlook on recycling and consider it essential to reduce the volumes of recyclable waste dumped at landfills. GAP Merchant Recycling aims to solve waste issues by providing recycling solutions to the growing numbers of environmentally responsible companies in South Africa.

We purchase large amounts of recyclable and reusable material in various forms including raw post-consumer, sorted post-consumer, granulated post-consumer, Industrial scrap, regrind, pelletized waste, redundant stock as well as finished product.

Being an independent company gives us the edge that allows us to choose partners who will give us the best returns and environmental solutions for your recyclable waste material. We have an extensive network of partners both nationally and internationally that work hand in hand to produce the best possible results.

We help you to focus on what you do best.

With  a hands-on, hassle free attitude that stems from our expertise in handling all forms of recyclable waste material, we stand ready to advise and assist our clients to implement recycling solutions that will help them reduce their carbon footprint at a profitable margin. We essentially provide our clients with a service that affords them the benefit to focus on their core business activity.