We want your recyclables and reusables

Companies in South Africa are becoming ever more environmentally responsible and this has resulted in an increasing demand for reliable recycling companies to provide them with a service that solves their waste issues.

As traders of recyclable and reusable material, GAP Merchant Recycling deals with both industrial and commercial companies.  We buy large volumes of clean, sorted materials as well as unclean – but not cross contaminated materials from commercial sites, recyclers and collectors. We source post-industrial and regrind material to supply both local, national and international recyclers and end-users.

We are able to move any form of recyclable material in one way or another, as long we have large volumes. The volume is crucial to the value recovery process and enables cost effective export or domestic processing of the materials.

With a customer base that spreads across the country and across the border, we regard ourselves as experts in supplying an efficient and professional service delivery.