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It’s become essential to reduce the volumes of recyclable waste dumped at landfills and we’re here to help. We manage your recycling waste so that you can focus on your core business. There’s no need to cut corners when you work with the right partner.

  • Proactive in waste management logistics of all recyclable materials – plastics, metal and paper.
  • Fresh, ethical and efficient outlook.
  • No-nonsense, honest, upfront and efficient.

GAP Services


With over 20 years’ experience in the recycling industry, GAP Merchant Recycling can advise you and your team on the most efficient and cost-effective solutions when it comes to managing your recycled materials. We love to share our expertise to empower our clients!

Training and Education

Equip your staff with knowledge that makes them feel more empowered and work more efficiently. Our team is available to guide your in-house team on best practices when it comes to sorting, packing etc.

Contact us anytime to arrange some on site training.


GAP Merchant Recycling is able to analyse and assist in the education of client staff in the sorting, processing and presentation of recyclable materials in order to maximise your profit.


We provide demolition site work only within the CPT region and only for metals.

To offer the best possible price, there should be no cross contamination. 

Please see  the classifications of metal grades and relevant terminology here.


We provide guidance and advice on how to best coordinate the logistics of sorting and packaging processes. This reduces the impact of the operation on the environment as well as saving both time and money for our client base.

Project Management

This service extends to project management and subcontracting of on site operations.‬

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